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Let's Talk About Us

A community dedicated to educating and motivating women to be proactive when it comes to the four cores of health: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Financial.   




Our goal is to educate and empower as many women as possible to advocate for their health and wellness. We believe that if all of the four cores of wellness: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Financial are not in sync, neither would one's overall health be. After all, out of all the treasures on earth, health is still the most valuable one,

so WHY THE HEALTH NOT start owning yours today!


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A note from our founder


 Having worked in healthcare operations, I saw early on the challenges that women often face when not being heard when it comes to their healthcare, especially for the underserved population. This vision began slowly growing as I envision the positive impact it will have on women around the world; being proactive when it comes to their overall health, being their own healthcare advocate, taking control of their health care experience, and where women along with their doctors make decisions as a team, and to comfortably speak up with their questions, needs, concerns, and preferences.


What started as an idea is slowly coming to life. Studies have shown that a ​sense of community helps with mental health and physical health. With that being said, it's only befitting that a WHY THE HEALTH NOT center, and an online community where women will get important educational healthcare information in the four cores of wellness from experts, pick their own wellness health coach, learn to cook healthier, camaraderie and shared experiences, and weekly meet ups with other members in a safe inclusive community. I believe that an educated community is a healthier society. Why wait for the opportunity when you can create it.


The focus for Vaughn Castle is bringing our

WHY THE HEALTH NOT vision to life through brick and mortar, online digital infrastructure, strategic partnerships, and thought leadership.

Why The Health Not?®

"On The Horizon!"

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